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Life is measured not by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. ---------
 Stay Well Ride Safe Live Long Be Happy Party Hard ---------
Amor est vitae essentia ...... amicus verus est rara avis -----Love is the essence of life ----------
and a true friend is a rare bird -----
Laugh often, long and loud. Laugh until you gasp for breath. --- Tell the people you love that you love them, at every opportunity, and finally ...........
Don't leave it too late ...........and never hesitate

 FOUR WHEELS MOVE THE BODY ................................



Yorkshire's Stonehenge  

 The Druid's Temple  at Ilton is a weird and wonderful place, perfect for the creepy things that go - bump in  - the forest stuff. it is hard to find and very unusual ...a large  group of stones arranged in a very pagan like shape, this man made folly makes you stand and shake your head. Some of the stones must weigh over ten tons each and to think it was hand built in the 1800's by one William Danby and his estate workers who were paid a shilling a day. taking over 50 years to complete..... well it is one of them "how the hell did they do it" moments.

A true Yorkshireman Danby wanted a good job done and didn't mind waiting, it is said he wanted to create a Yorkshire Stonehenge, and this place certainly evokes that kinda feeling. You can picture the black clothed monks and the nude women all dancing about on the eve of the Solstice, if your imagaination is vivid enough you can picture the sacrifces made on the altar, it takes your mind into the realms of the dark side for sure. This place is full of altars menhirs dolmens sarsens and other phallic stones, you can see plainly the entrance stones and the other Druid like nooks and crannies, all built to keep the workers from unemployment and idle ways.

 It is said a hermit lived there for over four years and only when he went right off his trolley did he admit defeat and despite the offers of free food for anyone staying in the folly nobody did more than the four years. it is hidden by the forest and if the trees were left unfelled would be very hard to find , the forest seems to sheild it somehow and again you can only imagine what it would be like at night under the stars with only the silence of your own thoughts for company.

Not for the faint hearted methinks.

The altar has even got six stone seats around it and the cave is just the place you expect Merlin himself to be in, it has a very strange aura about it and in broad daylight with the sun shining I still expected something with horns on to jump out at me!!!!! There are 12 stones with a large monolith in the middle all very phallic and of ancient reverence all making you think of the number 13 and the dark arts of long ago, the chamber or cave at the back had some luminous bracken growing through it and we were a bit spooked by this coming through the wall glowing like a witch's wand , it was an unerving few minutes... cold and clammy you almost imagined you could smell blood !!!!!!!!

If there had been bones on the ground I wouldn't have been a bit surprised or a few headless chickens running about !! with busty naked virgins waiting their turn for the High Priest to plunder them oh aye !!!!!!!

You leave this place thinking why why why ? would any one want to build such a folly in such a place with such a likeness to the other Stonehenge, what did Danby do in it after it was finished ? all very mysterious and you half expect the village priest to be stood at the entrance giving you a blessing of safety on your way out back to the real world.

Worth a visit but if you go there my advice would be go in the daylight 'cos I could just see someone going a bit mental when they find it. Yeahhhh spooky or what ...believe me it was ..........!!!





31st October - The Samhain festival marked the end of summer and the beginning of winter in the Celtic calendar, and is one of the four Celtic fire festivals - the quarter points in the solar year. It marked the point in the year were a time of plenty gave way to more lean times, in all probability the reason for its association with dread and eeriness. Traditionally it is when the gates of the otherworld are open, a time when dark forces are abroad in the realm of humans.

In the old Celtic calendar Halloween - or more correctly Samhain - was actually the beginning of the New Year, and the preparation for the coming hardship of winter. All the animals that were not breeding stock were slaughtered, and their meat salted and stored for the dark months. As one of the most important celebrations of the year, a great feast was held, and bonfires were lit throughout the countryside.

These quarters were again divided by the solstices and equinoxes, which were known as the four Albans.

Alban Arthuan or the light of Arthur


Alban Eiler or the light of Earth


Alban Heruin or the light of the Shore


Alban Elved or the light of the Water

The festival was also a time when fertility played an important factor in the future well-being of a community. Animals were mated, and good breeding stock selected. This fertility aspect is reflected in legends passed down from the Celts. In Irish mythology the god Dhaghda made love to the Morrigan on Samhain eve, while she straddled the river Unius, in a symbolic union of the god of light and the goddess of death as the year turns towards darkness.

The Celts were fascinated by magical 'in-between' places, such as shorelines, fords, doorways, etc. These places were neither in one state or another... thus they were places of power. The shore is neither dry land, nor is it the sea, yet it is the meeting place of both. If one were to view the land as representative of our solid, material world, and the sea as representative of the spirit world, we can see that the shore is a meeting place between one world and another.

There may have been a more sinister side to the festival in Celtic times, and Caesar mentions human sacrifices during the four festivals of the year. Although Roman propaganda accounts can now be seen as biased, there is no smoke without fire, and evidence suggests ritual human sacrifice was practiced in the past. There is a tradition of the death of the sacrificial king at Samhain, and some of the darker customs of Halloween may disguise older practices. In some parts of Scotland, white stones marked to represent those present were thrown into the halloween fire, these had to be retrieved later, or evil was supposed td that November the 1st should be known as All Saints' Day (this happened in 835AD), and All Souls' Day was moved to the 2nd of November.

 Thus the 31st of October became All Saints' Eve, or all Hallows' Eve, with older customs and beliefs surviving until the present day.The Halloween pumpkin originates from the custom of using lanterns to ward off the evil spirits, which were thought to wander through the thin veil into our world

The Celtic year was divided into two halves, the dark and the light. Samhain was the beginning of the dark half, with its counterpart, Beltane beginning the light half. Between these two 'doors' or portals fell Imbolc, on February 1, and Lughnasadh or Lammas, celebrated on August 1, quartering the Celtic year. These quarters were again divided by the solstices and equinoxes, which were known as the four Albans

Our modern celebration of Halloween is a descendent of the ancient Celtic festival called "Samhain;" meaning Summer's End. Samhain was the first day of winter, and the end of one pastoral year. It was the time when the night became longer than the day, the last apples were picked, and the year began again with its dark winter half. Also called Samhiunn or Hallowe'en, this festival is sometimes called Trinoux Samonia or three nights at the end of summer. Farmers today are at their busiest with the mating of stock and preparing for the winter, this season being the start of the faming year when new life begins with the mating of their animals, ready for spring and another year.


Has the Emperor been shot? The 9 foot stag was said to be the largest wild animal in this country . A word in verse for him ..........dead or alive..............he was living his life in true biker style WILD AND FREE and someone took it all from him .....



 "Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened."


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