The A 59ers

Fluff aka Barbara  



This is me, QB or Fluff or both, Babbera, Babbers, Babs, Barb, Babsi or plain Barbara.  I really don’t mind because every name is something different to each person, for example my sister always calls me Barb, whilst a friend of mine always calls me Little B, and another friend calls me Babs.  They are names unique to different people I know and I really don’t mind at all, whereas some people called for example Victoria hate to be called Vicky.  Well that’s their prerogative.


Anyway, so how did I get here?  I met Jax whilst I was on ranger duties at a hedgelaying competition where her beloved Mike was laying a hedge in the competition.  Well me and her got chattin’, as you do, and we became friends.


Later, my ex hubby’s sister, who happens to be one of my best friends, Yvonne, who has always been into bikes, well she started to have bike lessons and I thought if she can do it well so can I.  At that time I’d been on the back of a bike some years ago and really enjoyed it.  Anyway, we both had lessons together passed our CBT and then she passed her test first time in the Feb. and well me – three bloody times – but passed in the May – it was that dam U turn – shit me up every time!


Anyway, I bought a CBR 250 real cute it was, black with CBR written in pink on the side.  Trouble was it wasn’t my preferred riding position and I dropped it a few times – hence I lost my confidence so got rid.


Meanwhile, Yvonne was selling her Hornet so I bought it off her, but that meant she didn’t have a bike and didn’t’ get another either.  So, long story, but I eventually sold mine this year.  Don’t know if I’ll ever get another, so just have to make do with baccy’s from whoever is kind enough to give me one – a baccy that is!


I work full time, have arthritis in my hands (need to live somewhere warm), like to do crafty things too, have just made a scarecrow this year and xmas angel out of willow. I like walking too and love ridge walks but getting up there is sometimes hard.   I love photography and the love of my life is my dog Sprocket whom I rescued at the age of 12 ½.  Also have cat called Ruby whom the dog has banished to the attic – but it’s not as bad as it seems.


So, how did I get the name QB and Fluff you might ask?  Well at work I was always known as Babbers, Queen of the NOS (don’t ask me to explain) so that was shortened to QB.  Then at NABD rally I bought a t-shirt with pins in it and someone said I had fluff in my belly button.  Yeah right!  So there you go, Fluff was born too.  But I answer to anything.  (within reason of course).


So what else about me?  I have been to a few rallies – one in the frost in April a couple of years ago which was far too cold for me but enjoyed the NABD rally this year and   of course our own rock nites and best of all I like being in the kitchen and I guess that’s where you’ll find me on the 4th April!!!! 



Footnote from the Chair


There's nobody quite like our Barbara she is a star ! We always  look forward to seeing her 'cos she always makes us laugh, and things end up going in a totally different direction. When Barbara is about the world is a happier place for sure, -  she has the happy go lucky kinda attitude to life. Her dog Sprocket is a big part of her life and at 14 he is a real old gent , although he does make more washing than her as he is prone to wetting the bed!!!!


 Barbara has passed her test and has owned her own bike but she won't thank me for sharing the fact that she once fell off 6 times in one day and dented a BMW !!

Her love of bikes being the escape from the boring job, she is also a very very gifted photographer. It is hoped that she will one day find the right bike to give her back the confidence to ride solo. If I know QB it won't be long as she is a very determined lady when she sets her stall out.


NB Barbara has become the proud owner of a lovely 250 Honda Rebel and is whizzing about here there and everywhere !!!!







 Stevo Vice Chair of the A 59ers




 45 yr old lover of 2 wheels & fresh air!!!!!!


I am married to Tracy, I have two teenagers Simon and Leanne,  and two King Charles Cavalier Spaniels at home.6.I’ve lived around the Ribble Valley all my life, Read, Clitheroe, Blackburn & now currently living in Billington. I love the countryside, so it’s a perfect place to live.

I have worked for British Gas since leaving school in 1981, mostly being an engineer, In 2002 I was given the post of Technical Support Engineer, then in 2006 I was awarded the post of Technical Support Manager, looking after a team of 15 engineers. Hard work, long hours, but it pays the mortgage & car loan, etc.

I love to party at weekends (my way of chilling out), hence the rock nights & rallies with the bike club.

I first had my eye on a Harley Davidson 883 Sportster, but didn’t have enough spare cash for 1, after many disagreements with the wife I decided to forget the Harley & look for something a little less expensive!!

Looking through the bike magazines I spotted a Kawasaki VN 800, this I fell in love with immediately, I knew it was the bike for me.

After 2 weeks of searching the internet & bike shops, I finally found a VN at Slingers of Preston (local too). Of course as soon as I sat on it, I HAD TO BUY IT!!!!!!

My first bike was a Yamaha RD50, Metallic Wine red, gold Mag wheels (sorry my only picture of it is in my mum’s photo frame), it looked the dogs danglies, an awesome bike, fastest out of all my mates, they had the Honda MB5, & Suzuki trail bike, but sadly could not look as good or keep up with me. Ha Ha.

I had the odd little mishap as you would, being 16 years old showing off, then slipping on the cobbles and snapping off the clutch lever, Dozy sod!!!

At 17, I bought my first car, Ford Escort & had a break from biking for 4 years. I couldn’t wait any longer so I found an immaculate Suzuki GP125, in Black, had some fun, but it was lonely out on the road (solo), so the fun only lasted about 12 months.

Family came and I was without a bike for years & years, missing it big style!!

The family soon grew up, & around my 40th, I was discussing with Jimbo about getting a bike, he wanted the same, so I suggested while I was on holiday, Jimbo should price up & check availability of CBT courses.

We returned from holiday late on a Thursday night, by 8am Friday Jimbo was on the phone, we’re doing CBT on Saturday, how you fixed? So after an hour of begging the wife, we agreed I could do it.

Early doors on Saturday we were off to River View Training at Hesketh Bank nr. Southport. The team there are very inviting, friendly & bloody good instructors! The day soon finished with a run out around Southport, I loved every minute being back on a bike.

We both loved it so much we booked the theory test together the month after at Preston, again came through that unscathed. Next on the agenda was the Direct Access & Test. Again Jimbo & I booked on this together, back at River View again. Ray was our trainer for 4 days with the test on the 4th day booked at Southport. 45 mins of being assessed around Southport was nervy, but again we both passed!!!!

Jimbo drove straight round to Southport Superbikes & bought a bandit 600, I was well jealous, he let me have a tootle round on it just to keep my hand in over the next few months, but every time I heard him fire it up at weekend & go off for a ride I was really jealous, I WAS PINING FOR A BIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway after 6 months I found my gorgeous VN800.

I rode it home and the first person I wanted to see it was Jimbo, the bastard was fast asleep in his conservatory, It took me ages to wake him up, there I was all excited dying to show off my machine, all he could do was snore. After a beating, he woke up and admired my new BABY.

After joining the club & getting known, I was asked to join the posse, at the time we didn’t know if we were a committee or organizers or just the chosen few that got things done, anyway I helped out where I could. Then after 4 yrs I was voted in as Vice Chair and am now in my second term in this post.

The rest is history really, I ride all through winter mainly with Jacki & Michael & whoever else is brave enough to face the elements, It’s just about getting out on the bike, ride free, wind in your face and all that. You can’t beat it, well you can, but you don’t often get sex outside in the country. Or DO YOU????????????????????????????




The VN 800 aka The Purple Penetrator !!!!!

Who says that dreams don't come true ???? this is my dream bike after the VN 800 here is it's big brother the VN 1500 Mean Streak mmmmmmmmmm don't get much better than this !!!!!! 






More Luck Than Management

My biking days began when I was foolish enough at the age of about 6 to go on the back of our Joe’s Norton Commando and when I began squealing he flipped a wheelie and I fell off the back, in the middle of Ingelton.  Very stupid you might say but in those days you did what you felt like and health and safety did not come into it.  ---We were free spirits in the truer sense of the word.

Far from putting me off it made me determined to get my own back and ride a bike myself, but at that time horses were more my line and the bikes didn’t really make my juices run until much later –maybe 10.. when a cool young dude caught my eye on his Honda 4.

Adrian Taylor had the biggest bike and the biggest head you could ever imagine, but he was a good looking bastard and all I wanted was a ride on his bike –he said a ride for ride –but I was underage and decided it wasn’t worth a hiding from my granddad.!!

I was into horses in a big way and bikes were always there in the background, I only just missed the era of Mods n Rockers but my granddad had an old BSA in the shed and my cousin’s hubby Joe had the Norton.  They were like my old slippers – and more often than not when we wanted to go anywhere we just got on and went, the bikes were always around and being tinkered with and tarted up --- but as I said at that time four legs not four cylinders took my fancy.

Bikes were in them days the cheaper form of transport and I can recall being sat on the back of my granddad holding onto a box of pullets for his henpen all the way from Bingley to Silsden, all of some 20 mile and me only about 8 yr old, no helmet no boots no nowt just me wellies and me jeans.

I got to an age when I was hanging round at the Tomato Dip and seeing a lot more of the world much to my granma’s fury and it became a regular thing to be dropped off at the bottom of the lane and change into “going out” clothes. –it also became a regular thing to get the belt when I got in invariably late and smelling of fags n beer.

I was a bit of a tomboy and into all sorts by the time I was all of 11 (sex drink bikes fags you name it me and my mate were real underage Thelma an Louise’s)

Colin my husband of 32yrs .........

It was much later in my life that having met Colin and got back into going away for holidays (and an old woman who wanted rid of a CM125), that biking bit me again with a vengance, horses then became uncool and too slow and messy.  A Triumph Bonneville was my ride at the time, we went all over the place and had some really wild times, then he lent his mate it to go somewhere he crashed the bike and that was that for a while.

Colin had got this CM for free as the old lady gave it him when he went to do her central heating, she said her son was dangerous on it and take it away now –so he did.  We pottered about on this for a while, the mortgage came first so we had to wait until we had enough to go buy brand new a GPZ 750 from Padgett’s in Batley, this bike took us all over the place and we loved it to bits.  Isle of Man and the Lakes, Donnington Park and out every weekend.

I got myself a CM 125 for a £100 to ride to work on, and buggering about on, - for about 2 years then I did the most foolish thing –the week before I was due to take my test I went to the pub with the girls from work and had a few too many beers namely -- (STELLA) and foolishly rode the bike home….. not stopping for the back gate through the kitchen door and down the cellar steps, god knows how but I left it there –engine running and went to bed –my beloved came home saw the state of things and rung Steve Rhodes to come and take it away –end of my solo bike career for a long time!!

We had a Honda 1000 a Gpz 750 an Rd250 and various other bikes either belonging to us or on loan for some years, both of us loved the bike scene and went to the Isle of Man for our holidays on the bike, me being grounded to pillion for my sins!!

Whenever we went to Greece we hired a bike to get around and we were laughed at chugging along on a 250 or 125 trail bike but we had fun and we were happy and we loved it …… helmets no boots just a pair of flip flops and a towel like the locals

( they thought we were ever so slightly mad) going down to the beach and into the woods and over the mountains on a bike so underpowered it could hardly make the inclines –we just chilled out and rode 2 up over any terrain…. we went where we went and didn’t go home until we were saddle sore or sunburnt, --they were days to cherish.

One time we fell off the ferry to Ithaca cos I couldn’t wait to get off the boat due to sea sickness and the ferry rolled and so did we right into the sea!!

Colin rode like the locals fag in his mouth, shorts on and brown as a berry he looked like one too and I was hanging on the back with the bags.

We had some really fantastic times in Kefalonia and Ibiza on bikes, one night we got taken home in the back of the pick up truck full of fruit cos we were too pissed to ride, and the café owner’s son offered us a lift back to the hotel complete with bike all in the back of his truck.

Years passed our mates were killed and maimed and hospital visits became too frequent for my husband. Seeing his mates in plaster finally got to him and he said he was giving up biking ---that and a high monthly mortgage made us sell all the bikes we had and for 10 years we did not own our own machine.  Colin helped mates to mend their bikes and we bummed a bike for any do’s we wanted to go to but he said he didn’t want to have his own bike so that was that for a while.

Then we got better jobs, more money and the bug to ride again so we bought another bike a bloody great big numb thing a 1100 Triumph which bored the hell out of me sat on the back it was like being at home on the sofa –not my idea of biking!! I must admit to being a custom fan I like someat a bit different and my dream bike would be a very nice customised Battisini chop, or a one off 8 ball from Victory. Something that is just that bit gob stopperish LOL !!!

We had this lump for some time and then we again hit money trouble so it went and we had another spell with no bike, we then bought a Honda Goldwing and I hated that so we again gave up biking for a while and for Colin that was it as he decided enough was enough and bikes were history. I was furious but with no test and no money had to go along with his decision.

Years later upon his death and my deep depression arising from these sad times I took the plunge and bought a Honda CBX550 custom chop and the bug got me again.  I rode it here there and everywhere on the farm where I then lived -- with no test tax insurance idea or care in the world –it gave me my life back and I was on cloud 9!!!

I had an offer to go to meet a biker at Dick Turpin’s on the A59 and went –met Michael and found love again not only for biking but for a man and that was something I never thought would happen.

These days I am thankful for when I can get out on the bike as arthritis kills me, but  if I had not bought my little Honda I wouldn’t have met Michael and I wouldn’t be here now I certainly would not have been given the second chance that I have and firmly believe bikes have saved me from myself.

You have one life my advice is live it how you want and take no prisoners are a long time dead and nobody should live saying “if only” go do it.

Footnote from Jax

“A sense of humour however perverse keeps life interesting, and more often than not keeps life going.”

Labera Lege Meum Pactum Dictum

read my lips ---- my word is my bond




This is the Honda GSX500 chop that saved my from myself ... ( well that and meeting Michael, ) with my deformed pussy ..aka Tripod.


DILLIGAF says and no I don't .

Michael Teasdale aka " 2 SAWS " 






 Necessity was the reason for me getting into bikes, they were cheaper than cars when I was 17 and needed transport to get to college and then work, so much better than walking. I rode in all weathers ....good job I was into the outdoors and went potholing caving and climbling for my leisure . 


I can honestly say I have climbed most mountains and peaks and walked most trails as I did this for a great numer of years, until biking became my leisure due to age and injuries. I have spent a lot of time in the gorges and caves and my 35 th birthday was celebrated on the top of Ayers Rock my 53rd on the top of Pendle Hill. in between every where else up hill and down dale camping more often than not and drinking copiously in the evenings lol!!


 Necessity is the mother of invention so true .


I have had a few over the years the first was Suzuki GT250, which I ran about on all over the place, a change then to a Kawasaki KH 175 trail bike, then a Honda CX500 and after that a little cruiser cheap as chips a Suzuki Intruder 125.  Money was always the issue and when I had enough to buy a decent bike it was the Suzuki GSX that I fell in love with in Youles.

The Suzuki GSX 750 W aka INAZUMA must be my favourite as it does what it says on tin, it is a “mean business” bike and has done many miles 2 up without so much as a blink, it is very reliable and I sold it to the other love of my life --- Jacki — for a quid!!  Well £2 actually as I had no change at the time, I now have the Honda X4 a big muscle bike that I really fancied when I saw it and that is a good all rounder but is very heavy and thirsty !!!

I enjoy hedgelaying and outdoor stuff - being fond of trees and the natural kinda life, I spent some years in British Columbia on Gabriola Island where I had my own logging company and also worked as a surveyor for the gas pipeline.  I love the Hadia Native Indians and find their ways peaceful - being in touch with their surroundings and living off the land.  I also spent some years travelling and have been to South Africa and Australia.

Over the years I have been in a few bands and love the Blues so taught myself to play the harmonica and I enjoy playing with bands and doing a number or two, I appreciate good music and try to get to the Blues festival in Colne and Burnley every year.

I met Jacki in the lay-by on the A59 one Easter some years ago she had just lost her husband and was very depressed, despite this we found we had the same sense of humour we hit it off and began seeing each other, as we were both alone and I had just bought the Suzuki it soon became a regular trip going over to Bank Newton to take her out on my new bike.  To say we fell in love was a bit soft ---- more like we hit the sound barrier!!  I felt as though I had met my soulmate --- we had the same likes and dislikes!!  Well it took some time to convince her I was serious and she was very wary, but after a holiday on the bikes in the Isle of Man we decided we could put up with each other.

The job of admin secretary or general dogsbody was given to me by Jacki who had not at that time seen my handwriting, it is a bit left handed and kinda grim to say the least!!


 I like the meeting and greeting and going to rallies and ride outs - the social side shall we say, the admin side is one of those things that you just get on with.  I try not to get stressed out and like the saying “Don’t let anyone live rent free in your head”

Once you are over 50 life should be a gentle drive down the B roads, no rushing about and taking time to savour the moment, we are not here a long time so it should be a good time and for sure it is no dress rehearsal.

Footnote by Jax,Chair the A59ers

Michael is one of life’s gentle men, he is down to earth, very laid back, has a wicked sense of humour and plays a mean harp



Normski Committee Member of the A 59ers.



In days gone by and tales of old! hahaha !! yes that’s how the saying goes

, well I did begin biking at the age of 9 and me and my brothers had a couple of trail bikes to mess about on round the farm while working and helping to do jobs.  A real hard place to learn the skills… belting round a farm on a trail bike chasing cows and sheep and hitting ditches and piles of cow shit!!!  But those skills learnt back then stood me in good stead and helped me ride much bigger bikes far better than any CBT test could ever do.

I was a real tomboy growing up and soon learned it was better to be out in the garage working on the bikes and farm machines, with my uncle and brothers, than in the kitchen with Mum making meals, -- boring – I prefer an engine to short crust pastry any day of the week!!

All the family were into bikes my early holidays were to the TT with my brothers and this helped fan the flames so to speak, bikes were fun and enjoyable and I was well into it.

More or less as soon as my feet could touch the floor I was on my brother’s Tiger Cub and I loved it probably more than he did, a real bike for pure pleasure !! woooo!!!  Barry Sheene was my hero and I was Suzuki mad when he rode for them, my first real road bike was a Suzuki 125 and of course Britsh bikes were in the family background, always one or two around.

My bedroom walls were covered with Our Barry and Suzuki bike pictures anything to do with Suzuki and it was on my wall, to say I was besotted is putting it mildly – you get the picture??

As I grew up and older things changed and so did the bikes, my last family holiday was 1978 to the TT and work and earning a living became more important, but bikes were always a love for me and they were never far away.  I trained to be a chef and that took up most weekends so for some time my biking days went on the back burner.

Life continues and bills are paid and loves lost and pain and divorce costs!!!  Haha but bikes stay in the blood and when the blood boils you gotta do something – or kill someone — better to stay legal and as the saying goes revenge is a dish best served cold.

Anyway at 40 I said well life begins here doesn’t it?  Once a biker always a biker and it was time to have another set of wheels, so off to see Will at his bike shop in Bury and see what he had for me, I was in luck, he had a nice Bandit – Suzuki 600 and I left the shop with it proud owner of a big bike again!!

I have never looked back since and despite being cheated on by a man my bikes have never let me down, and will be my first true love, always.  Since the Bandit I have had another Suzuki 800 Volusia fully kitted out for touring and lots of nice extras fitted, sold this after touring Scotland on it and now have gone to Kawasaki with my Zephyr 750 – will I keep it? Who knows?

The next bike and the next man may be just around the corner, life is very strange it gives you a couple of knocks and then you see they were there for a reason another good saying – what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… how true.

I am happy out on the open road again with like minded people and am a proud member of the Royal British Legion Riders branch and The A 59ers, I became a member of the Club back in 2007 having met Jax and crew at NABD 2007.

The bike has changed a bit and I have had a few trials and tribulations along the way but I am on my own two feet / wheels again and getting out and about meeting and greeting and doing rallies rock nites and chinwags.


2010 has been a trying year for me having to battle illness a divorce and move house, but I have come through it all stronger fitter and more determined to be independant of any man and value my freedom now more than ever. You don't expect to be ditched for another woman after 17 years of devoted marriage, but nothing is forever they say and I can certainly back that one up. I have now found my new man and my new house am fitter and feeling better than i have done in years having lost over 5 stones due to this illness ...not the diet i would recomend but hell the weight shot off!!!!

Look forward to finding new friends and catching up with old ones here there and everywhere ‘cos that’s where you will find me… somewhere out and about… footloose fancyfree and riding my bike – be it Suzuki or a Kawasaki – take care ride safe and see you along life’s highway.


Footnote by Jax, the Chair The A 59ERS

Norma is one determined lady and if there’s a will she will find a way, a true wild child biker chick.




SSheree aka SHER DEVIL


A little about me


My name is Sheree or Sherdevil even an odd Sher! I got the nickname Sherdevil for being a bit wild but as time goes on I got older but not really wiser and still know how to party like the rest only now it’s the aches and pains that kick in afterwards.


Well guess I had no choice about bikes as my dad was a keen biker in his days in the RAF and then my brother was the same as soon as he could ride he got his first bike .

My dad used to take me to speedway at bellvue was my excitement the week.


I myself was always a pillion and had been for 30 yrs only ever come of a bike once when I was pillion and ended up in a field lol yes the boyfriend at the time was more worried about his bike.


Always been a fan of camping and love rallies I did faro in 2006 which I enjoyed and hope to do again


I was married to a lovely guy Antony Osborn many knew him as oz or blakey he sadly passed away in 2008 from injuries he had suffered in a bike accident in previous years. He was a great husband and a fantastic stepdad to my girls and he is sadly missed!


I decided that I needed some independence and so I got a little triked scooter 50cc which won best trike at frozen nuts rally but sadly was stolen and never recovered, So I replaced her with another only this time it’s a 125cc. I’m looking at getting a bigger trike as soon as funds enable me to as I love my little comforts as many can tell you when I am camping LOL!

Due to disabilities I am not able to ride two wheels and so that is the reason I stick to three.


My oldest daughter has passed her CBT and has now got her second bike a 125cc vixen, so now the youngest daughter is pestering for a bike too as she has been brought up on the bike scene since she was little also.


I met Jax at one of her rock nights and we hit it off!  We have been good mate’s ever since.


I wasn’t aware at first but I even went to school with Stevo but mixed in different circles


I can’t wait for the rock nights & bike shows as there is nothing I enjoy more than meeting up with old friends and meeting new ones at any venue or rally!


So if you see me about say a big hi!



footnote from The Chair  -:


Sheree is a funloving down to earth biker babe and loves to party party party ......more often than not she is the last one standing and the first one up ....oh an she makes a mean curry !!!!!







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