The A 59ers




First and foremost we need to get to know anyone thinking of joining us, it kinda goes without saying that we all have to get along. Also, although we have no limit on the cc of your bike trike or moped we do need you to be able to keep up on runs and ride outs. Moped riders would have to arrange a pillion if the journey was mainly motorway, or a long distance. What matters is the mind set that you want to ride ....... actions speak louder than words.

Bear in mind though the majority of Club bikes are over 400 cc.

Our Routemaster will have the final say on what is or isn't fit for the road, on the roll his word is what goes.

We have a few rules and they are there for practical reasons, we expect anyone joining our Club to abide by them.

Our Constitution is again there for a reason,  and on acceptance/joining we would expect your signature as confirmation that you will agree to this. The A 59ers are a rally / riding club so we do get out and about, we'd like to see a serious applicant on a bare minimum of 6 runs and at least one rally.

However the discretion of the Committee is the deciding factor and it is very much a question of all for one , one for all, so if any member of the Committee does not feel comfortable with things, it will go to the vote.

Meeetings are flexible we have members across the North West and we are not set in stone as to where /when we meet. Generally it's when we have something to discuss.

In the first instance regarding membership contact either Jax or Stevo and we will take it from there.


07709 645 307 Jax

0797 2471 681 Stevo


email Jax  

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